May 15, 2016 /by Janet Lee Krochman, CPA/APC

Business management in the 21st century is increasingly moving online. The web has evolved into a profoundly powerful business tool and even as we speak new online business management tools are becoming more capable, easier to use and more available. The gap is closing between the poorest start-up can and the largest, most prosperous established firms as far as apps that are available to keep you efficient. If you are a client of ours, we've already set you up with Quickbooks® or Xeno® online. This blog addresses other cloud-based accounting software solutions. Instead, I’m going to tell you about a few business management challenges where various cloud services can help you reduce your operating costs and keep your valuable staff running efficiently and happily. These systems can keep your business running smoothly, reduce miscommunication, and improve/automate reporting. is an incredible time-saver for business owners. No more waiting on approvers. Now your approvers can okay bills from anywhere. If they need to check a contract, it’s at their fingertips even from their phones. Yet everyone sees only the information they need online to do their part. No more stacks of checks to sign. Working from anywhere, the person who had to sign checks before now simply selects bills from the approved list and chooses the dates to pay them. No more vendor-go-round. Now when vendors ask if you’ve paid, you can make them happy with just a few quick clicks to send them images of the cleared checks. Shoeboxed We all have trouble staying organized, especially keeping the receipts you need to do your job. Get them on Shoeboxed. This simple program allows clients to keep a permanent record of all their receipts by simply snapping a picture with their smart phone. With one click everything is time-stamped and sorted. Dropbox Dropbox is a secure file transfer system. Email is not the answer for transporting sensitive materials. If you don’t already have a secure file transfer system you can get a basic one called Dropbox for free. It's a good place to store receipts, some of your IRS forms and any paperwork you want to keep on a cloud and off your desktop.

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