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Homelessness: from a business perspective

Practical suggestions for business owners and staff

when dealing with day to day operations and interruptions due to the issue of homelessness


Join us for this No-Cost Training Seminar

Oct. 26 from 8-10am

Halecrest Park Social Room

3107 Killybrooke Lane

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


rsvp: Janet Krochman





Held in the historic Kellogg House. DECKED OUT IN HOLIDAY FINERY Our members dressed in period attire will serve a traditional afternoon tea including scones, savory and sweet morsels 
and of course tea. The Heritage Museum of Orange County 3101 West Havard St. • Santa Ana. 2nd December 2017 - 11am or 2pm seating Tickets $38 or $50 (Silver Service) To purchase tickets go online at

Opportunities are missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls, and looks like work.

― Thomas Edison

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