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Please note that the 15th filing deadline may move to the following business day if it falls on a weekend or holiday.


January 18th-4th quarter personal estimated tax payments(for prior tax year)

IRS has not announced yet the 1st day to file 2016 returns (in Jan 2017)-will keep you posted


February 1st, W-2 and 1099’s due to recipients

February 29th-W-2 and 1099 copies due to Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service


March 15th-Partnership/LLC (starting in 2017-for 2016 returns)-or extensions. Corporate tax returns (or extensions)

Important Dates & Alerts

April 18th-Individual tax returns (or extensions), CA corporate minimum estimated tax payment, 1st quarter personal estimated tax payments, Partnership/LLC returns (or extensions) for 2015 tax year, Trust returns (or extensions)


May 9th-CA Counties Business Personal Property Tax Returns

May 15th-Non-Profit Returns (for calendar year charities)


June 15th-CA LLC estimated fee (for current tax year), 2nd quarter personal estimated tax payment, 2nd quarter CA corporate estimated tax payment


September 15th-Partnership/LLC (on extension), Corporate tax returns (on extension), Trust tax returns (on extension), 3rd quarter personal estimated tax payments, 3rd quarter CA corporate estimated tax payment


September 30th-Trust returns (on extension)-starting in 2017-for 2016 returns


October 17th-Individual tax returns (on extension)


December 15th-4th quarter CA corporate estimated tax payment

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Fax: 818.246.4017

Twitter: @billspaniel


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